Kids University

The Client

Kids University occupies a market niche providing support and advisory services to parents and pupils. They offer affordable revision modules delivered by OFSTED rated ‘Outstanding’ teachers helping children to achieve success.

The Brief

We were excited to be approached Kids University to create their branding and help to develop an image for this new organisation.

The Challenge

Creating a new brand from scratch can be a challenge in itself. There was an additional challenge involved with the creation of the Kids University’s brand. There needed to be a balance between appearing professional and almost corporate, yet still child friendly. This had to communicate clearly to parents, students as well as potential future business partners.

The Solution

Kid University met with our Design Advisors (DAs) who could offer expert advice on innovation and branding. The DA’s immediately set about helping the team identify and articulate what made their business so unique within the education market. The DA’s then led the team through a practical process to help them use design to boost performance, identifying and targeting potential students and their parents, cut costs and reduce risk. There were three clear objectives to meet:

• Clarify and articulate what the organisation does and stands for.

• Refine the business model accordingly.

• Apply design thinking beyond brand communication to maximise Kids University’s chance of success on a limited start up marketing budget.

The Result

The launch of Kids University was a huge success, attracting parents from the local area to enrol their children and has been growing its class sizes ever since.