“As someone unfamiliar with the graphic arts, I needed to find a partner who could both describe what I needed and help me create it. graffo made the extra effort to describe how their work could implement the goals I sought, and helped me understand the issues inherent in each step of the design process.”

Studio 10

“Graffo are artistic and gifted professionals who can assist any business in developing an identity. I would highly recommend Graffo for their work, responsiveness, value for money, and ability to implement their client’s goals while also being able to explaining the process in terms that I could understand.”

Ted Phelan
Barings Assets

“I originally commissioned graffo to design the concept for my company logo and stationary. graffo was great to work with and are very willing to put in the extra effort to get things just right. Since the initial meeting with the graffo team we have built a fantastic business relationship and have commissioned them on numerous occasions for many different projects. I highly recommend them.”

Teonfa Care